Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How To Prevent CRA Phone SMS Scam?

Today my friend got call and automated voice saying it was from CRA and they filed law suite on me. If my friend didn't call to the number provided they will issue arrest warrant.

When I heard about this, I make sure that this is scam. According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Revenue Agency will not:

- request your personal information via SMS or Email
- ask the number of your passport, health card, or driver’s licence
- ask you to leave your personal information via an answering machine.
- request you to send payment by prepaid credit card, gift card or wire transfer
- send the police to arrest you

To avoid CRA scam, you can search incoming phone number via Google before picking up or redialing the phone.

For example, you receive a call from phone number: 613-927-9240, you search this phone number in Google. If there is result, this means this number may be scam. Try to click one of link and to find out if there is any comment. The comment will show you the feedback of the phone number.

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